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MSU – Artisan Cheesemaking class with Peter Dixon: Day 3

Last Day. Feels like I’m just getting to know everyone.

We started the day making mozzarella. Goat – did not turn out. Bummer. Cow – came together nicely! We pulled and formed, and Peter showed us how to braid. If we had someone in the class who could make balloon animals, we could’ve gotten really crazy.

Flavoring the Fromage Blanc and Chevre was next. Some cheesemakers brought fresh herbs, spices, fruit, honey, mint, nuts.. the combinations were nice. I especially liked a cherry walnut chevre and a fresh bluberry chevre. Fresh chive was another that turned out nice.  Actually, I can’t think of a combo that didn’t turn out nice. I opted to keep mine unflavored and bring it home.  A trip to the market is in the future, thinking fig and aged balsamic with some chevre.

The last afternoon of class we discussed more detail about brining, went in to affinage, talked about business plans and ended with sanitation.

Three days with Peter Dixon and MSU was a fantastic experience. To be able to listen and watch someone with so much experience and just inherent ability is a treat. The amount of information we covered was incredible and I’m hoping that my retention is more than less. Maybe I should put in ear plugs so it doesn’t leak out of my brain.

Great experience. Glad I went.

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MSU-Artisan Cheesemaking with Peter Dixon: Day 2

Day 2 “Sillies” settle in…

Run away cheese cube on a cart, breaking equipment (oops),  nuns in the creamery, accidental drenching of peer with hose, mention of “my armpits are dry now”, an overheard and misheard comment turned into “did you say dead chickens”.. (had to be there), and general 2nd day goofiness.

Today we ladled our Fromage Blanc and Chevre into our clothes and hung them to drain. Everyone is looking forward to flavoring them tomorrow!!

On to making a goat Gouda and a cow Asiago. Ready set… GO! It was like being on a game show to see which “team” was cheesing it the best. (I was on the Gouda team, so I’m partial). It was interesting to see Peter at work. Half “winging it”, half actually measuring… he was honing is inner Obi-Wan and like a Jedi using the Force, we have cheese!

I especially enjoyed stirring the curd by hand. It needs to be patented as a specialty manicure. My hands have never been so smooth. When talks of taking our shoes of and getting all “Lucy” in the curds and whey, I think we had inhaled a little too much milk steam…. and then naming it Stinky Feet Cheese.. well, again 2nd day sillies.

We molded our cheeses.. and in the middle of all of the cheesemaking craziness started our ricotta. I saw the second batch being started and I was amazed at how simple it really did seem. There was a smoked pan liner that we used to set the ricotta pans in, so it would pick up some smokiness. Campfire Ricotta, how about that?

And let’s talk about the nuns for a sec. Peter told us a story during morning lecture about the Cheese Nun (Sister Noella Marcellino) and her doctorate in microbiology, taking samples from caves all around France. Fascinating story really. So when two nuns arrived during our ricotta making, I think it was  a sign from above! Everyone in this class will have fromage success. Yes!

After class we gathered for a cheese tasting. Peter brought Consider Bardwell’s Manchester, Dorset and Pawlet. I was excited about the Pawlet since that’s one I haven’t tasted yet. MSU show-cased their cheeses, Dagano was my favorite. We tasted the cheeses that the previous classes made, not bad. And the aspiring cheesemakers in the class brought their own home-made fromages and accoutrements. It was a yummy evening.

Looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

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Sheri LaVigne of The Calf and Kid is awesome

Belated post…

I had an absolutely fabulous talk with Sheri last Wednesday. http://www.calfandkid.blogspot.com/  She was very straight forward with everything that she has gone through to get to the point of launching her store.

She gave me invaluable insights and much needed advice. It was certainly a huge relief and definately an inspiration. And as she pointed out “why re-invent the wheel when you can just pay it forward”… Wouldn’t the world be fab if everyone had that mentality.

It was a breath of fresh air to have someone who has gone through all the little headaches just say it how it is and what she would’ve done differently. I’m hoping this honest no-bones quality is not the exception but the norm in the small specialty retail communties.

I guess I can’t really verbalize everything that I got from our talk and the true inspration one can get from someone who has a dream turning into a reality.

In short.. You rock Sheri!!
Wishing The Calf and Kid much success!

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Cheese tasting with hubby

So I decided to have a nice cheese tasting with the Hubby on Friday night… nice little romantic date night… and also get his impressions of the cheeses to see how they compared to mine.

Now, for anyone who knows my wonderful Jon, knows that in the lightening fastness that he actually consumes his food…. the likely hood of him actually tasting anything are usually around 50%. I explain the basics of cheese tastings… not giving him any info about the cheese first.. and wait for his first impression.

However my favorite one was this observation:

River’s Edge Chevre: Up in Smoke

Me: Ok, all I want is a visual. Tell me when you look at this, how would you describe it.

……….after several seconds of pause and contemplation

Jon: Mother Earth’s perfect little turd.

Nice! haha!  Not EXACTLY the insightful description I was looking for.

Oh Jon, I do love you!

It really is this perfect little puck wrapped in dark chocolate and auburn smoked leaves and the stark white of the fresh goat cheese is undeniably beautiful…. so although not reminicent of a turd to me.. I understood what he was trying to say, and he did say it with all seriousness and respect for the cheese.

It’s in my top 5 !

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Murray’s Cheese shipment just arrived!

Murray’s Cheese shipment just arrived! My highly anticipated shipment from Murray’s has just arrived! I’m really excited to try the awesome cheese selection and make some comparisons. Even just opening the box, you could tell that the quality and care is far superior to the miserable little bites I’ve sampled so far from my Whole Foods expedition. Every piece precisely packaged in the famous Murray’s cheese paper (not plastic!). So expertly done that I don’t want to undo the wrapping for fear that when I re-packed it will be just ugly (ok, maybe too much pressure from the always wanting to be able expertly wrap Christmas gifts). My adventure will include: Rivers Edge Chevre: Up in Smoke Sweet Grass Dairy: Green Hill Tomme de Savoie Jasper Hill Farm: Bayley Hazen Blue Cabot: Clothbound Cheddar Consider Bardwell: Manchester (in anticipation of my cheesemaking class with Peter Dixon) Sweet Grass Dairy: Asher Blue Consider Bardwell: Dorset Can’t wait to start this afternoon with tasting notes. Duly preparing for my Friday night cheese tasting and wine pairing on date night with the hubby!

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