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Holiday Market field trip

My big morning outing to Holiday Market to purchase some cheese while the boys were at swim class. These little cheese jaunts are becoming more and more entertaining. (I think I like people watching at grocery stores… weird?)

Let me first state that the cheese island at HM is so much better maintained the WF. Like day and night. Two ladies were diligently asking every customer that even passed a glance at the case if they needed assistance. That was nice to see.

As I was perusing to find an Ossau-Iraty style cheese and a Mahon, on of the ladies asked me, if I needed help. I just asked how often the cut and packaged the cheeses on display and she said “Every few days”, and when I asked if pieces could be cut to order off the wheel…. she said “If there aren’t some already cut we can do that.”

OK.. again, I’m finding it strange that I can’t get a fresh piece cut from a wheel if requested. Maybe I needed to be a little more assertive. Just didn’t have it in me.

The other gal asked me too if I needed help a couple minutes later (she was with someone else and didn’t see me talking to the first lady). She was putting out new pieces of cheeses of various types.

I asked her too… how often to they rotate the stock and she was much more informative. She said they peruse the case every morning and re-wrap cheeses every 2 days, cutting off any exterior paste and assessing the quality. Whew – I felt much better about grabbing the pre-wrapped nuggets. I think her name was Caroline – I tried looking at her name tags without it seeming like I was staring at her boobs.

She also offered me a taste of a french double cream that was not yet on display. Yum!

I do wish HM had the detailed labels that WF offers… mine will rock!

Keeping the tastings going, trying to solidify a name (Cheese Crave has taken over Fromage du Lierre), need to file my LLC, logo, networking, business plan, investors, store front, whew!

Looking forward to my cheesemaking class with Peter Dixon class at MSU!

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Sheri LaVigne of The Calf and Kid is awesome

Belated post…

I had an absolutely fabulous talk with Sheri last Wednesday.  She was very straight forward with everything that she has gone through to get to the point of launching her store.

She gave me invaluable insights and much needed advice. It was certainly a huge relief and definately an inspiration. And as she pointed out “why re-invent the wheel when you can just pay it forward”… Wouldn’t the world be fab if everyone had that mentality.

It was a breath of fresh air to have someone who has gone through all the little headaches just say it how it is and what she would’ve done differently. I’m hoping this honest no-bones quality is not the exception but the norm in the small specialty retail communties.

I guess I can’t really verbalize everything that I got from our talk and the true inspration one can get from someone who has a dream turning into a reality.

In short.. You rock Sheri!!
Wishing The Calf and Kid much success!

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