MSU – Artisan Cheesemaking class with Peter Dixon: Day 3

Last Day. Feels like I’m just getting to know everyone.

We started the day making mozzarella. Goat – did not turn out. Bummer. Cow – came together nicely! We pulled and formed, and Peter showed us how to braid. If we had someone in the class who could make balloon animals, we could’ve gotten really crazy.

Flavoring the Fromage Blanc and Chevre was next. Some cheesemakers brought fresh herbs, spices, fruit, honey, mint, nuts.. the combinations were nice. I especially liked a cherry walnut chevre and a fresh bluberry chevre. Fresh chive was another that turned out nice.  Actually, I can’t think of a combo that didn’t turn out nice. I opted to keep mine unflavored and bring it home.  A trip to the market is in the future, thinking fig and aged balsamic with some chevre.

The last afternoon of class we discussed more detail about brining, went in to affinage, talked about business plans and ended with sanitation.

Three days with Peter Dixon and MSU was a fantastic experience. To be able to listen and watch someone with so much experience and just inherent ability is a treat. The amount of information we covered was incredible and I’m hoping that my retention is more than less. Maybe I should put in ear plugs so it doesn’t leak out of my brain.

Great experience. Glad I went.

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