MSU – Artisan Cheesemaking with Peter Dixon: Day 1

Were to begin! The group is definitely an eclectic mix of people. Family farmers, newbie cheesemaker, dairy operators, restaurateurs, I own a goat so let’s do it and see where it goes people, cheesemongers in training, retailers getting better understanding.

There was definitely a hippie vibe happening; I would gladly spend  my night drinking a cold tall brew and singing karaoke with the bunch. Just a really laid back motley crue.

We covered so much of the essential basics of cheesemaking today, like a chemistry crash course on why cheesemakers are just crazy enough to do it! I’m glad I am only looking to retail the heroic effort.

Peter Dixon is virtually a walking encyclopedia of “how to”. His brain so full with info that the rogueness of his training can completely be appreciated. Experience abounds and there was no lack of conversation… on any topic.

For me – this is starting to ge into  the technical and chemistry parts of the cheesemaking that I think is invaluable to a retailer. Hey – I need to understand what I’m selling. And plus, it builds a better understanding and partnership between cheesemaker and cheesemonger.

There seems to be a lot of nice networking opportunities. Never can have too many.

We’ll see what tomorrow holds for us….  finish setting our goat cheese and fromage blanc!

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