The Great Whole Foods field trip

I was completely happy with the non-educated help I received at Whole Foods. (since they boast knowledgeable staff)

A nice lady, middle age, sandy brown hair, pleasant smile working behind the cheese case offered her services if I had any questions. I thanked her and said I might have a few.

The case is what I’d expect to see at a deli, maybe small specialty shop. Cheeses collected by type of milk, country and “special of the week”. All cut into some semblance of uniformity but wrapped to death in saran-wrap. I asked Ms. Nice-lady if she could tell me which goat cheese was the youngest, the freshest. She proudly walked me around to the front of the case and handed me a goat cheese that she had “just cut” that day!! She was so proud of herself and happily paged the manager for further consult. When I asked the Mr. Wants-to-know-the-answer manager how long the cheese aged…and I said a few weeks, a couple months.. he proudly agreed “Yes, 2 months”! He did offer to show me to Zingerman’s offerings (since they would be the closest creamery I suppose) and unfortunately no option (not even a cream cheese) was avaialable.

And when I brought to her attention that the Cyprus Gold – Humboldt Fog was mislabeled as a Roth Kase – Mezzaluna (gorgonzola), She had to re-lable and re-price the whole wheel and pieces. **I mean, even in my infancy here trying to acquire local cheese legacy, I recognized that immediately** She thanked me for bringing it to her attention because she could “get in trouble,” and to please let her know if I “found anymore mistakes.”


All in all – Glad I went to see what it was all about…… But NOT feeling satisfied with service, which I was completely expecting to be.

I guess I was anticipating walking in with my little index of questions in my brain and being blown away by all of the knowledge and love for the cheese they peddle.

So can the little girl take on a local large “all knowing” retailer? Yep, I’m ready – Bring it!

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