Leaving my full-time marketing job in December was the best thing for all of mankind. It was bad, a good bad in a weird way because if it had never gotten so awful in the first place, I would’ve never gotten pushed enough to leave.
… and leave I did…. and it was great.

I was then stuck with the nagging question about what to be when I grew up. I always wanted a shop, but what type of shop. I pulled out the massive library of cookbooks I have. Pretty ones, ugly ones, free ones, ones you get as gifts you hate… and in this cookbook clean up (by the way, I always read the cookbooks, just never made anything from them)found inspiration.

AHA! A Saveur issue from April 2005. The Cheese issue. I could never let it go. Survived two moves and endless repacking… but I still had it! I remember that the articles about the Artisnal cheesemakers fascinated me and I loved their passion….

and then lookingback at my feebel attempts to have cheese parties that were disasterous. What HUGE block of midgrade Cheddar from Meijer can I cut up and serve with cashews and White Zin… really???

But then the cheese cart in Luxumbourg was divine! Changed my novice cheese eyes forever, Beautiful, smelly, meticulously arranged. It took my breath away. And since then, any high end restauant we go to.. it has to be cheese plate or else…

So then I started doing research in the Metro-Detroit area, and we are sadly remiss of anything resembling the fromageries of the east or west coast…. WHY?? I don’t get it. Now that the Artisan movement is in full swing, why are we still going to a cheese case with poorly cut and packaged cheeses. THIS MUST BE FIXED

ok tomorrow, one more step to Detroit’s glory in the artisnal cheese movement.

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